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S FRANCIS _ENNUI_ 52_x40_ 3_18_edited
S FRANCIS SONATA 49_x32_ 3_18
Sevitt Francis (32)
S FRANCIS Deja vu 30_x24_ 3_18
S FRANCIS Shades of Autumn  30_ x 24_ 3_18
S FRANCISLILT of the LUTE 52_x40_ 3_18
S FRANCIS FAREWELL 40_x 32_ 3_18
Sevitt Francis (20)
Sevitt Francis (42)
Sevitt Francis (41)
Sevitt Francis (21)
Sevitt Francis (16)
Sevitt Francis (17)
Sevitt Francis (13)
Sevitt Francis (14)
S FRANCIS ENSEMBLE  40_ x 32_  3_18
S FRAMCIS SECRETS 40_x32_  3_18
S FRANCIS Eros 30_ x 24_ 3_18

Painter Sevitt Francis was born in Dublin, Ireland. After having traveled all over the world, moving from one school to another, she made her home in Israel in 1959. During the seventies, she studied at the famed Avni Institute in Tel Aviv, the School of Art Teachers in Ramat-Hasharon, and finished her studies at the Israel Artist's Association in 1984.


"My recollections", says Francis, "are of a time when the pace was slower, living together was altogether more gracious, and people gentler." This nostalgia for a kinder, gentler world is reflected in Francis' marvelous lyrical canvases and works in oil. aquarelle, and acrylic. Using Renaissance and Moorish influences, she is able to capture intricate detail, rich and lustrous, yet somehow muted colors, that in a way allows each canvas to sing of an imagination that suffuses everything it beholds and represents with quiet magic. Her paintings, which are predominantly of women in serene settings, have been included in one-woman shows and exhibitions throughout the world.

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